Each week we battle the ice and the cold to take you to the north of the north. There are some amazing and intriguing individuals living in the arctic, each with their own stories and experiences. We produce a new episode each week, with interesting guests, fun topics, and odd discussions. 

1 Ivan aasten

To help us introduce Svalbard and the podcast we have invited our friend, Ivan, to come into the studio. After a few years of living in the city we each share a few unique experiences which make life here odd. Join us as we discuss surviving the inevitable zombie apocalypse, defeating polar bears in our nightmares, and weird, odd, fun facts of Longyearbyen.

 2 Chicco Mattos

Together with Chicco Mattos, producer and owner of Shutterbird Production, we discuss how to survive in the arctic, his fascination with the northern lights, what motivates someone to go out shooting for hours upon hours in -40'C. We also ask Chicco about his successful TV show, "Minha Vida no Arctico" and his next adventure - the crossing of Antarctic!

3 Benjamin Vidmar

How can we make this cold, bare arctic town greener? Founder of Polar Permaculture Solutions, Benjamin Vidmar, has the solution! He teaches us the steps we can all take to help Longyearbyen to become more ecologically aware. Benjamin tells the story of the northernmost greenhouse and his passion for fresh food.                        

4 Ida LArsen

What can and can we not say? In this episode we discuss Norwegian Alcohol laws and the old traditions of Alcohol Quota Card with Ida Larson, the head of the visitor center and administration at the Svalbard Brewery. With wit she tells us the inspiring story behind the brewery, how it changed Longyearbyen, and her obsession with frozen pizza.

5 Justin & Josefina

Have you ever wondered who the beautiful voices in the Taken North Podcast belong to? Wonder no more! We are Justin and Josefina. In this episode, we thought it was time for us to introduce ourselves, share who we are, why we keep on coming back to Svalbard, and why we decided to start the northernmost podcast on Earth.

6 Ina Søhus

Up in the north we live as if in a bubble, forgetting the devastating conflicts happening around the world, causing millions to flee their homes. Ina Søhus shares her stories, experiences, and the misconceptions about refugees and their struggles to find safety with family. A "hello" to a new neighbour can help change the world.

7 Ser thomas williams

Longyearbyen is full of people who want to be here, people who chose to live in this unique place. Ser Thomas arrived in Norway, learned the language, and eventually made his way up to the arctic. This episode we discover the true heritage of his name, and the culture clash he experienced when moving to a foreign country.

8 Linda Aberg

With the dark season a few weeks away we talk with Linda Aberg, a local yoga teacher, who has experienced the dark several times. Polar latitudes can mess up your circadian rhythm, resulting in loss of sleep, fatigue, and depression. Find out how we avoid seasonal affective disorder while enjoying life in the Arctic, mainly with laughter!

9 Marcos astete

The winds are getting colder and the darkness if finally falling over us here in Longyearbyen, which means it’s a great time for a halloween episode! In this spooky chat we invite the horror enthusiast Marcos Astete to talk about sexy grapes and halloween plans, haunted houses, and the goriest films of them all, John Carpenter's ‘The Thing’.

10 Carlos casas

Internationally awarded filmmaker, Carlos Casas tells his experiences of people who live in these remote areas. Casas was granted artist-in-residence by Artica Svalbard, allowing him to experience and experiment with life in the Arctic. He  has been collecting sound clips while exploring Longyearbyen and discloses his vision for the local old cable car central, Taubenesentralen. 

11 Jason Rutherford

Volunteering can take you a long way: for Jason, that's the Arctic! He has been volunteering in permaculture & manual labour from California to Costa Rica and stumbled upon Ben Vidmar’s Polar Permaculture Solution here in Longyearbyen. Jason’s passion to volunteer, sense of adventure, and guerilla gardening has pushed him to the edge of the Earth.

12 Malin Grahndin

During our Facebook Live event, the first week of November, we asked our listeners to send us some of their curiosities of life in the Arctic. We did our best to answer the questions, but thought we should seek additional opinions in the pursuit of clarifying what life in Longyearbyen means for people, featured the new segment 'Terrorizing the Locals'.

13 Ida Marie Eilertsen

Passion projects are the driving force for many individuals living in Svalbard. For Ida Maria Eilertsen and her business partner, that project is creating a top secret comfy pair of ladies undies! Ida Maria, the third generation of arctic explorers, shares some of her experiences here in Svalbard and says inspirational words on how to develop one's idea into reality.

14 Wiggo Antonsen

One of Longyearbyen's taxi drivers, Wiggo Antonsen, joins us to share his experience as 'The Northernmost Famous Taxi Driver in the World'! After being featured on the BBC TV Series 'Ice Town: Life on the Edge' he has fallen into celebrity life. Recognized by tourists he is always asked for selfies and is quoted by his show on his tour of the town, the area, and it's history. 

15 A Christmas Movie Fight

It’s that magical time of year! The new Star Wars is almost here! Oh, nope, sorry Jo... the holiday season has just begun. This week, with the return of Marcos Astete, we share our Christmas plans, our Star Wars plans, and Marcos’ obsession with Jim Carrey. To celebrate the holiday season, we’ve each decided to choose a Christmas movie to fight to the death and defend its honour!