Who Are We?

We were both lost souls, finding each other in Longyearbyen in 2016. Shortly after meeting we decided to travel to the opposite side of the globe for an adventure and a shot at a new life. After enduring many faults and stressful times, not hating each other afterwards, we thought we are a pretty good team, but missed the lifestyle of Svalbard.

Coming from different cultures, backgrounds, and educations we bring a sense of diversity and a variety of experiences to the podcast.

  The faces behind Taken North Podcast!

The faces behind Taken North Podcast!


After studying Journalism and Visual Media in Dublin, Ireland, Josefina found herself seeking a new challenge, something different from the routine bus ride and rainy autumn days. She decided to moved to Longyearbyen to work in hospitality and strive to become a freelance writer. Josefina looks towards the brightside of life, seeing wonder and awe in a cup of cold tea; joyful with anything and everything. With the creative push into a new form of media, the podcast, Josefina has taken a new step and challenge into the path she always saw herself following.

Being somewhat of a nomad his whole life, Justin found himself constantly on the move from town to town in his home country of Canada. After a few years of university in Vancouver, pushing into Fine Arts and Film Studies, Justin decided to hit eject and caught a flight into the world of travel. After six years of living out of two backpacks the travel bug was squashed and lead Justin to return to Longyearbyen for this third time to focus on his previous aspirations: His creative thoughts, intrigue in multimedia, and a driving passion was the push for the creation of ‘Taken North Podcast’.

A good routine, constantly learning new ideas and different style, and the steady challenge is keeping us motivated and determined, and we are looking forward to where the podcast may take us!